Here are some of my new videos at YouTube.

I would love to get likes, comments and reviews at my YouTube Chanel!

New Video: DJ Joe Paisley – Falling (Radio Edit)

DJ Joe Paisley – Don’t Know (Video)

DJ Joe Paisley – Only You

Video: DJ Joe Paisley – Close To You! (Radio Edit)

DJ Joe Paisley, Feat. TIM – Show Me (Radio Edit)

DJ Joe Paisley, You Inside (House Edit)

DJ Joe Paisley, Wanna Be (Coronita Mix), Feat. Charlotte

DJ Joe Paisley, Dance Dance Dance (Radio Edit)

DJ Joe Paisley, Darkside (House Edit)

New Video:  Joe Paisley – Feelings On  (Go On Radio Mix)

Video:  Abado Amador – First Kiss (radio Edit)  Produced by Joe Paisley: 

Tamdor Music – Closer   (Produced by Joe Paisley)

Tim Tanamur – (All I Want) Is You – (Radio Edit) – Produced by Joe Paisley

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