Lake Tone – Rising High

Hot funky deep house track, produced by DJ Joe Paisley and Nik Herb.  Lake Tone – Rising High

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Hot funky deep house track, produced by DJ Joe Paisley and Nik Herb.


Press & Reviews:

Cool groove, nice vocals and catchy sounds. Definitely suitable for our selection, ready for summer parties!  (youBEAT Selection)

The track is very beautiful and captivating, nothing to say about it!  (NMEC)

Cool funky sound selection and structure on this track, vocal sounds cool too.  (Dance Musix)

Awsome funky deep house tune with great vocals and excellent flow. A nother amazing production (as usual) from DJ Joe Pasley. Great job! (HOUSE Music 21)

Stunning deep house track with a funky twist. Great vocals and good flow. Very very god production! I just love it!  (Hi Dance Music)

Very lively track. It’s very nice, dynamic and has a catchy rhythm. The instrumental is nice, well-composed, has a bit of 80s vibes. The vocal is very impressive, the singer has a beatiful voice that is perfectly valorised by the track.  (EDM)

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